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About Us 

Our new Infant/Toddler Licensed Group Daycare is located in the beautiful Parkcrest Neighbourhood of North Burnaby. Our unique facilities have been designed to fit the needs of children from Birth to 3 Years of age. Your child will have the opportunities to examine and challenge their capabilities in all areas of development: physical; social; emotional and intellectual in a clean, fun and playful environment.


Environment & Staff

Your child will be provided with the familiar comfort of home while drawing upon the expertise of trained Infant/Toddler Early Childhood Educators within a licensed setting. 1:4 Ratio of Certified ECE Teachers to Children Our staff are all certified Early Childhood Educators who have years of experience in the professional childcare field. They bring a wealth of knowledge in engaging and developing children of all ages. We have a 1:4 ratio of teachers to children at all times with no more than 8 children in each group.


Our Philosophy 

Our play philosophy is based on current research which proves that children in their early years learn best through play-based environments. Play provides essential opportunities for children to explore, experiment and learn.

Through play in a safe, comfortable and creative space, children are encouraged to explore their environment, satisfy their curiosities, express self-confidence and independence, get along with others, cope with their feelings, solve problems, express themselves and feel good about their accomplishments.

At our Centre we provide children with opportunities to examine and challenge their capabilities in all areas of development: physical; social; emotional, intellectual and language. Nurturing self-esteem and establishing social skills are an integral part of our philosophy.

We challenge children at all ages with developmentally appropriate programs. We encourage children to learn and develop at their own pace with the support and guidance of our professional Early Childhood Educators. Our goal is to create a positive and rewarding experience for your child. Skills such as cooperation and sharing will be fostered by the many activities planned by our qualified and caring staff.

Our unique child care centre provides children with a dedicated, purpose-built space; drawing upon the expertise of trained ECE facilitators within a licensed setting. Our smaller class size provides a concentrated, safe and caring environment for your child.

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