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Parent Testimonials

We would like to thank all our wonderful parents who continually provide us with excellent ideas, suggestions and constructive feedback. It allows us to improve our program, facilities and maintain the upmost quality of care that our precious little ones deserve. Parent Review Surveys are conducted regularly and families are encouraged to be actively involved with the centre. Below are some Parent Testimonials from our amazing families:

"There is a comfort and personal touch. The children's health and happiness, discipline and development are the priority."

"Helping keep parents together on the same track is clearly important."

"Nap times - I am amazed at how the staff have my daughter asleep for 2 hours each day. It's something magical that they do."

"Overall, [she] loves her daycare and we are very happy with the service. I would definitely recommend this daycare to others."

"The care and sincerity for the children stand out and is much appreciated."

"We realized it's the quality of the caregivers that matters most. We moved to Aubrey because of the teachers - who interact so well with the kids - felt stories (our son loves them), reading, singing, playing and talking with the kids."

"We're extremely grateful for the high level of care provided by the caregivers. We feel like we're leaving him with family every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Julia was very friendly and helpful when first applying and being nervous with a new centre - she was kind and listened."

"Approachable, kind, fun and friendly staff who seem to genuinely care about my child; play-based learning in well-planned program. Lots of outside time, 4:1 ratio = brilliant!!!"

"You seem to have taken the “best practices” in childcare and built a wonderful centre and program - keep up the good work!!!"

"Staff matter - consistency is important!"

"I find the teachers love their jobs and to me it seems they love each individual child. I know they are well taken care of."

"Teachers are great, very friendly and very good with the children. Management has always been very flexible and receptive."

"Perfect balance of caring, loving, kindness with discipline and boundaries. Terrific at communicating with parents."

We are waiting for your feedback!
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